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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Car Owners

A new year brings an opportunity to create new habits. Goals like going to the gym, eating healthier, and spending more time with friends and family are usually at the top of our lists, but our cars are too often left in the dust. We rely on our vehicles for safe transportation on a daily basis, so making our cars part of our new year’s resolutions can help ensure we drive easily through 2023.

Create a Car Maintenance Checklist

To keep your car running well for years to come, it’s important to stay up-to-date with regular maintenance. While most of us rely on the dealership or auto care shop to tell us what our car needs, keeping a record of oil changes, brake replacements, battery life, tire tread and pressure, and other maintenance items can prepare you for upcoming costs and make sure important repairs are done before a larger issue arises.

Listen to Your Car

Along with regular maintenance, it’s important to be aware of things your car might be telling you, even if you just had it serviced. New lights appearing on the dashboard may indicate issues with the battery, tires, or engine and should be checked out promptly.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Owning a car can come with unpleasant surprises such as a dead battery or flat tire, often when you’re nowhere near a repair shop. To prepare for these situations, keep jumper cables in your car and learn how to jump-start it, and always keep a spare tire on-hand and learn how to change a tire if you don’t know already. If you prefer to take the hands-off approach, stay up-to-date with your roadside assistance membership, either through your insurance company or third party such as AAA or Good Sam. 

Have an Emergency Kit On-Hand

In case of an emergency where help may not be close by, a roadside emergency kit can save both you and your vehicle. Some important items include a flashlight and extra batteries, road flares and/or hazard triangles, a first aid kit, waterproof jacket or poncho, blankets, drinking water, and non-perishable food. Many pre-made kits are available to fit your particular needs.

Keep it Clean

Similar to regular maintenance, keeping your car clean can extend the life of your vehicle and improve your driving experience. You can pay to have your car detailed or take it to a self-service wash and take advantage of the often complimentary vacuums to keep your car clean on the inside and out.

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