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Decorating Your Car for the Holiday Season

Many families are getting excited for Christmas this year. So in addition to decorating your house and yard, why not step it up and add some holiday cheer to your car?

Before purchasing car decorations, here are some pointers to heed:

Be cognizant to the law. Most Christmas car decorations are legal as long as you obey lighting laws and make sure your decorations do not obstruct or distract your visibility or the visibility of other drivers.

Shop for fun but durable car decorations. Buy car decorations that will stay on your car and not fall off the road, create litter, or, worse yet, be a risk to other cars on the road. Purchase decorations you can use every year. If the decorations are environment-friendly, all the better!

Purchase user-friendly decorations. If you plan on decorating your car with holiday lights, use battery- powered lights or solar-powered lights and other decorations that are easy to install. There are many car decoration kits available with easy how-to instructions.

Simple decorating ideas:

  • Place a single string of lights across your rear window. If you have a pickup truck, you can snake a string of lights around the bed of your vehicle.

  • Stick holiday decals on your car’s rear window or passenger window. These decals will certainly bring cheer to other drivers beside you.

  • Add a stuffed, red-nosed reindeer or Santa on your dashboard to bring you cheer while on your drive.

  • Place some holiday greenery on or inside their vehicle and/or tie a wreath on the grill of your car or tie a bow on top of your vehicle. Make sure these decorations stay in place.
  • Install Christmas reindeer antlers with plastic clips to your car window, tie Rudolph’s nose to the grill of your vehicle, and his tail to the back of your car. These kits even come with lights and bells.

  • Enhance the warmth of the holiday season with themed Christmas scents, like pine, gingerbread, cinnamon, eggnog, candy canes and more.

  • Stick holiday magnets on your car’s metal surfaces, or add Christmas decoration clips onto your car’s air vents.

  • A Christmas car floor mat can complete your holiday-themed vehicle and bring a smile to your passengers.

  • A wool Christmas steering wheel cover will bring you warmth and that holiday feeling.

  • Decorative holiday custom license plates can spread a jolly cheer on the road.

Whatever festive decorations you choose, make sure they are safe to use and are not risky or distracting to you and other drivers on the road. No matter how much time you spend in your car, you want to make it home safely for Christmas.

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