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DIY Car Maintenance That Can Save You Money

With the cost of products and services rising due to inflation, used car owners are pressured on whether they should replace their car with a newer used model. If they choose to keep their vehicle, the older it gets the more problems they may encounter, and they would ultimately have to pay more for maintaining their car. Not all tasks need to be performed by a mechanic; in fact, there are many tasks that car owners can do on their own which can save them money.

Here are some car maintenance tasks that cars.usnews.com suggests used car owners can do on their own to save money:

Checking Tire Pressure

Find the recommended air pressure on the car’s owner manual or the decal which is often located on the driver’s side door frame. Using a simple tire pressure gauge that you can buy at an auto parts store for a few dollars, remove the tire’s stem cover and check the tire’s pressure against the recommended air pressure.

Replacing Windshield Wipers

Windshield wiper blades should be replaced every year. Most auto parts stores can look up the wiper blades that fit your vehicle’s model. There are often multiple blades offered for your car, with varying prices and quality levels.

Changing Your Battery

In most cars, the battery is located in an easy-to-find spot in the engine bay. Use a socket set to remove the negative (black) terminal and pull the terminal back so it does not come in contact with the battery. Do the same for the positive (red) terminal. Remove and take the battery to your local auto parts store where you can find the replacement battery. Most stores waive the core charge for bringing back an old battery. Place the new battery on its tray in the engine bay in the same position as the old battery. Carefully attach the positive (red) terminal and the negative (black) terminal.

Changing Headlights and Taillights

Most headlight bulbs have replacement ports at the back of the assemblies. Simply turn and pull out the old bulb and replace it with a new one. The auto parts store can look up the right replacement bulb for your vehicle. Taillights on sedans can within easy reach in the trunk of your car. For SUVs and minivans, you may have to remove an interior panel to access them.

Other maintenance tasks cars.usnews.com suggests that you can do yourself include replacing your vehicle’s air filter, changing oil, replaces fuses, and diagnosing car issues using an On-Board-Diagnostics reader. Click here for more on performing these tasks.

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