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Flaws to Ignore and Avoid at All Costs When Buying a Used Car

Car shoppers realize the used vehicle they purchase will not be perfect. Knowing what issues to ignore and what issues to steer away from will enable you to balance cost and quality and help you decide on a vehicle that suits you and fits your budget.

Cosmetic Issues

You can look past minor cosmetic issues in a used car, such as small dings, scrapes, and chipped paint. These issues can be remedied if they really bother you, but they won’t affect the vehicle’s performance.

On the other hand, excessive rust or corrosion on a vehicle cannot be ignored because over time they can destroy a car’s structure, its parts and operation.

Wear and Tear

A dead battery can be replaced, so can burnt out car lights or worn out floor mats. Worn tires, timing belts and brake pads can also be handled by a qualified mechanic. Excessive wear, however, is another story. Pass on cars with engine trouble, suspension issues, and brake performance. You don’t want to end up stranded on the road and spending more on a used vehicle you just purchased.

Bells and Whistles

Newer used cars have bells and whistles that may need a tune-up. Damaged touchscreens or speakers can be repaired and brought up to speed. Seating upholstery may also need some cleaning and light repair, but these issues have no bearing on a car’s performance.

Accident Damage

Minor accident damage like a slight fender bender, small dents on the hood or on the side of a vehicle, a busted headlight or taillight, or even a cracked windshield can be overlooked. Some damage, however, may turn out to be more than meets the eye. Pass on a vehicle that has damage on its engine, its frame or axles. Breakage or shoddy repairs to the fender or bumper can also indicate significant accident damage. Getting access to the car’s vehicle history report so you can confirm the extent of damage and an inspection by a qualified mechanic can allay your concerns.

Cost vs. Quality

Buying a used car can be a good financial decision, but you must balance cost and quality. The dealer or seller should disclose all the faults and potential problems of the car. Safety and reliability should always be your top priorities over whether the vehicle is a good buy moneywise. Always test drive the vehicle and have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic before you make the purchase.

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