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How to Get Tobacco Smell Out of Your Car

If you bought a used vehicle from a private party or a not so reputable dealer that has lingering tobacco odor, or if you are a smoker and plan to trade in your vehicle, removing the smoke smell can be a challenge. Here are some DIY methods you can use to remove that tobacco smell from your vehicle.

Air Your Vehicle

Take your car out for a drive with the windows rolled down to let fresh air in your car. Open the outdoor air vents to air out the interior of your car. You can also locate the car's intake area and spray deodorizer into it. The circulating air will spread the deodorizer around the inside of your car and get rid of smoke smell.

Vacuum the Inside of Your Car

Vacuum the carpet and upholstery of your car thoroughly under the seats and in between the crevices. If the smoke scent still liners, sprinkle baking soda all over the upholstery and the carpet, and let it sit for a while. The baking soda will absorb the odor. After the baking soda has sat for some time, take the vacuum and clean it up. Leaving an open box of baking soda in your vehicle overnight can also absorb smoke order.

Use a Steam Cleaner

You can also use a steam cleaner on upholstery, floor mats and seats. The steam will help remove dirt and neutralize the smoke smell. Leave the windows down or drive your car until the moisture evaporates and the fabric dries.

Wipe Your Vehicle Surfaces Inside Out

Clean the dashboard and other surfaces, including the windows and windshield, with a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts water. This vinegar mixture will remove the buildup and deodorize the interior. If your vehicle's interior is leather, use a cleaner specifically made for leather and the vehicle dashboard.

Change the Cabin Air Filter

Smoke odor could be trapped in your vehicle's cabin filter. If your cabin filter has not been changed in a while, replace the cabin air filter at least twice a year to keep your car's interior air smelling fresh.

Have Your Car Detailed

If all the above steps fail to remove the smoke smell from your car, you can always take your car to the pros. Auto detailing shops have the industrial-strength products to get rid of the smoke and other offensive odors in vehicles. They aren't as cheap as the above DIY methods, but they could permanently remove that yucky smoke and other offensive odors that plague your car.

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