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Iowa Ranks 42nd in Number of Sports Cars on the Road

Sports cars with their flashy, sleek designs stand out in a crowd of vehicles along our roads and highways. Their high performance and strong horsepower make their owners' driving experience thrilling. They accelerate faster, offer a higher level of driving control on open and twisty roads, hold their value more than other vehicles over time, and they can be fun to drive. While many drivers dream of owning a sports car, it isn't a choice for everybody because they are expensive compared to normal vehicles and not practical for every driver, particularly those living in Iowa.

In fact, only 2.8% of American drivers own a sports car, according to iSeeCars study. The used car search engine found that the state of Nevada has the most sports cars, with 4% on its roads. Rounding off the 10 top states with the most sports cars are Florida and California (3.8%), Arizona, Texas, and Georgia (3.6%), Mississippi and North Carolina (3.2%), and Alabama and South Carolina (3.1%). These 10 states all have generally moderate climates.

Not surprising, the Northern, Rocky Mountain, and Midwestern states that have harsh winters have the fewest sports cars. Iowa ranked 42nd, with only 1.4% share, along with Idaho. North Dakota, New Hampshire and Alaska have 1.3 %. Maine came in last with only a 0.9% share of sports cars.

iSeeCars found that the Ford Mustang is the most popular sports car in Iowa and 39 other states, and the Dodge Challenger is the most popular in the other 10 states. The Dodge Challenger, which offers all-wheel drive, is the most popular among Northern and mountainous states. The Chevrolet Camaro is the second most popular sports car in Iowa, Louisiana, and Wyoming. These three cars are also the most affordable sports cars.

Most people assume that drivers of sports cars speed, drive aggressively and get into the most accidents. In fact, an earlier iSeeCars study found sports cars have the highest fatal accident rate of 4.6 cars per billion vehicle miles. It's also true that sports cars offer enhanced safety features which help avoid crashes, like excellent emergency breaking with anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control systems, and improved steering.

Sports cars are safer than they have ever been and don't have to be more dangerous than any other normal vehicle. Like any other vehicle, the biggest threat to driving a sports car is distracted driving. Because of their ability for high speeds, sport cars may have more risk, but that is up to the driver. Serious sports car drivers should know the risk and practice safe and responsible driving techniques on public roads.

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