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Iowa Warming Up to EVs

Iowa is warming up to electric vehicles (EVs). The state is known for placing barriers to owning electric vehicles, including more fees, but that has not stopped growing EV interest from Iowa drivers.

EV sales have grown steadily in the last three years. In 2019, there were just 3,300 EVs in the state. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, that number nearly doubled as of June 2021 to 5,880 EVs and hybrid vehicles registered, with at least one was registered in every county. By April 2022, an estimated 9,400 electric and hybrid vehicles were registered in the state.

State officials realize where the country is heading and can see the trajectory of more focus of eliminating greenhouse gasses and reducing heavy reliance on fuel. According to the DOT, "as major corridors cross the state, it’s crucial for Iowa to have sufficient charging infrastructure to meet demand from both short- and long-range travelers. This will help our state remain competitive, reduce potential future emissions, and could help spur economic growth."

To support the growing popularity for EVs, the state has installed 270 Level 2 and Level 3 fast-charging stations for public use across the state. Most of these stations have more than one spot to plug in. Soon there will be electric vehicle charging stations available along hundreds of miles of Iowa roads.

On September 27, 2022, the U.S. Department of Transportation approved Iowa’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Deployment Plan. Iowa will receive $7.6 million for 2022 and $51.4 million over five years in federal funding to install high-powered chargers for EVs along about 742 miles of designated areas. The first stage of the plan is to build charging stations on interstate highways. The next will be in communities. More EV chargers accessible to Iowans will eliminate the anxiety of going long distances without charging stations.

What does this mean for used car shoppers? Eventually, they will see more EVs in used dealer lots. Jennifer Sensiba writes in Clean Technica, with upcoming EV subsidies, used EVs that sell for under $25,000 will be eligible for $4,000 in rebates, which will make used EVs a hot market.

At present there are still many cons to purchasing an EV, one big one is cost, but it is likely like any product, after the surge of their popularity, their cost will drop to more moderate levels. As Sensiba notes, "So, it makes sense to start figuring out what the best models are, how to shop for them and not get hosed, and otherwise help readers and prospective buyers navigate this upcoming market segment."

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