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Is a Certified Pre-Owned Car Better than a Used Car?

At one time or another, a car shopper will ask, “Which is better, a certified pre-owned car or a regular used car? What’s the difference?”

A certified pre-owned (CPO) car is a gently used vehicle sold by a franchised car dealer of the same brand. They are vehicles that are typically well-maintained, collision free, low-mileage, that are only a few years old and pass a rigorous inspection process.

Certified pre-owned vehicles usually come with warranty coverage backed by their original manufacturer. Many such warranties cover a car’s major drivetrain components for up to 100,000 miles, or even have unlimited mileage during the warranty period. Some auto manufacturers even include extra incentives, such as special financing rates, 24-hour roadside assistance, loaner cars, and more.

Certified pre-owned cars can be a big attraction to a used car shopper. They provide the extra assurance that the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected, giving a car buyer the perception that such a car will not cause them headaches down the road.
With all the benefits the “certified pre-owned” stamp provides, certified pre-owned cars naturally cost more than traditional used cars. Car buyers can pay a premium price for these vehicles. Their extra cost can range from $500 to $1,700 and anywhere from $2,000 - $3,000 for a luxury vehicle.
While you can only find certified pre-owned vehicles at dealerships of the same brand, some auto dealerships will offer certified used cars not backed by the automaker to entice buyers to purchase a car. This could mean an extended warranty from a third party. They may even include attractive financing terms to round out the package.
It is important to note that a certified pre-owned car is not a new car; it is still a used car. It may have gone through an inspection, but that does not mean all the vehicle’s parts have been replaced. Even with the benefits certified pre-owned vehicles offer over non-certified used vehicles, there is no guarantee that a used vehicle that is certified won’t have problems in the future.
Auto experts say if a car buyer does their due diligence by running the VIN on their vehicle of choice, obtaining a vehicle history report, comparing car prices and having the car inspected by an independent mechanic, they can’t go wrong buying a non-certified used vehicle, and they’ll be able to save thousands of dollars to boot!
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