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Keep These Fuel Saving Tips in Mind

Motorists are feeling the pain at the pump with all-time high gas prices. On June 24, 2022, Iowa’s average price for a gallon of gas was at $4.66. The state average was five cents higher than the same day in May and nearly $2 more than the average of $2.90 a gallon a year ago.

Motorists may see a slight drop in gas prices due to a decline in crude oil demand, but it is unlikely that we will see a return to last year’s gas prices anytime soon. As summer travel picks up, we could see prices rise again.

Here are fuel saving tips that can help you:

  • Tire pressure that is too low or too high can affect fuel economy. Inflate your tires according to information in your car owner’s manual or on the decal which is often located on the driver’s side door frame which has the car manufacturer’s recommended tire air pressure.
  • Pay for gas using a credit card that earns you gas rewards, or get gas at fuel stations that lower the gas price with your grocery rewards.
  • Keep up with your car’s basic maintenance, like getting regular oil changes.
  • Pay more attention to where you get gas, especially around state lines, as gas, taxes and other costs differ from state to state. Use apps to find the cheapest gas prices nearby or check https://gasprices.aaa.com/ for the average price of gas in each state.
  • Leave more space between your car and the car in front of you in order to avoid abrupt accelerating and braking. Using cruise control on the highway will also save gas, as will turning off your engine when parked, instead of idling.
  • By filling up more often or buying less gas at a time, you may be able to hit prices that are cheaper on another day. According to GasBuddy, a gas price comparison app, Monday is the best day of the week to buy gas. However, don’t wait to get gas till your tank is on empty. Running low on fuel can damage to your vehicle because the gas will pick up some of the sediment and the vapors can damage your engine. It is best to keep your car at a quarter tank or higher.
  • Take fewer trips to the grocery store but buy more. This may not decrease your food bill, but fewer trips to the store will save you on fuel.
  • Take advantage of free gas cards and random giveaways from restaurants and businesses if you purchase a meal or an item.

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