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Kid-friendly Car Features Provide Comfort and Entertainment on Long Trips

Cars today have many features providing comfort and entertainment for children. From tech entertainment gadgets and passenger seats that can be raised to a child’s height level so they can see out the window, to heated seats and separate climate controls, kid-friendly features whether standard or optional in vehicles are worth considering especially if your family often takes long rides.

Here are some features that will make a trip to Grandma’s more pleasant for you and your young passengers:

Built-in Screens for Blu-Ray and DVD players

>Many vehicles, particularly SUVs and minivans, now come equipped with flip-down screens with a built-in Blu-ray or DVD player, ports on which you can attach either one or video game console, and wireless headphones and extra headphone jacks. Even better are individual screens inside headrests because they don't distract the driver when they need to see out the rear window. Each passenger can watch a different movie on their headrest. They are even considered safer than mounted screens that could accidentally get loose and fall.

Built-in Wi-Fi Hot Spot

A built-in Wi-Fi hot spot where you can log in and access the internet is another feature that enables kids to stream movies, shows and music for hours. For many adults, an in-car Wi-Fi subscription is worth having because it has better internet connectivity and allows passengers to connect a laptop or smartphone for either work or leisure, to navigation and emergency services.

Backseat Storage Space

SUVs and minivans had kids in mind with their design of more backseat storage space with backseat cupholders and deep pockets to keep toys and snacks within easy reach of children. This eliminates reaching and grabbing drinks and snacks that could distract the driver or other passengers.

Parents have welcomed these advancements and more, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that allow passengers to share or browse each other’s media, refrigerated consoles that can keep soda, baby bottles or ice cream cold, two-stage booster seats, seatbelts that adjust automatically according to the height of the passenger, or seatbelt clips that pull the seatbelt strap away from a child’s neck, so kids no longer need to struggle keeping the strap from slipping over their shoulder.

There are many kid-friendly amenities that you can meet your family’s needs and are safe and can provide comfort and entertainment. They would certainly be a welcome relief from being constantly asked “Are we there yet?”

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