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Signs Your Tire Rim is Bent and Needs to Be Repaired

A bent wheel rim can cause a vehicle to function improperly. Many car owners do not realize a bent rim is a problem that can lead to greater problems if they go unattended. In fact, along with a flat tire and wheel alignment problems, a bent wheel rim is a common problem of many vehicles.

Heavy impact on the wheel caused by hitting or driving over a curb, a large pothole, a speed bump or uneven roads can cause a rim to bend. Winter can cause corrosion in tire wheels due to exposure to road salt and moisture. Corroded rims can become uneven, and eventually fail to make a good seal with the tire. Without a proper seal, a bent rim can cause air to leak over time, which can lead to a flat tire or, worse yet, a blowout.

When a rim is bent, it also can get out of alignment with the other wheels of your car and can cause steering issues, which can result in difficulty handling and controlling your vehicle.

Signs of a bent rim can be obvious, but if the damage is on the inside of the rim, it will not be seen. If you have large metal or plastic hubcaps, you may not be able to easily see the damage to your wheel. You would have to remove the hubcap and examine your tire and wheel to see if the rim is damaged.

Other signs of a bent rim include:

Vibration and Shakiness
The vehicle shakes, or the car seats vibrate at high speed, causing an unstable ride. You may also hear a thumping sound that gets faster when you accelerate.

Poor Braking
Stepping on your brakes causes your car to pull to the side.

Poor Tire Pressure
Tires that deflate inexplicably may be a sign of a faulty rim. When not properly sealed, the tire will lose air and eventually cause a flat tire or blowout.

Poor Handling and Alignment
If your car feels like you cannot control it properly, you may have a bent rim. With bent rims, alignment difficulties are prevalent, making it difficult to manage the car.

Poor fuel efficiency
You notice a drop in your car's MPG, which could be the result of loss of tire pressure.

If you experience any of the above while driving, have your car checked. A bent rim, if left unchecked, can destroy your tires, or worst yet, lead to dangerous and costly consequences which could otherwise have been avoided.

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