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The Pros and Cons of Diesel Cars

When shopping for a new or used car, you may wonder whether you should purchase a diesel car or truck. Although diesel typically costs more than regular gasoline, diesel engines can offer a variety of benefits for certain drivers. Check out the pros and cons of diesel vehicles to make the best decision for your lifestyle.

Fuel Efficiency
Pros: Diesel is a more energy-dense fuel than gasoline, meaning you get more energy out of every gallon. Many diesel vehicles are up to 35% more fuel efficient than their gas counterparts.

Cons: Diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline which may be surprising if you’re used to filling up with the lowest grade of gas. Additionally, diesel vehicles are most efficient when driving on highways, so if your commute involves a lot of stop and go, your fuel efficiency may not be as high as expected.

Engine Maintenance and Life Expectancy
Pros: Since diesel engines need to handle high compression forces, they are usually built to be much more sturdy than their gasoline counterparts. While gas engines typically require a lot of maintenance after 100,000 miles, diesel engines can often go 200,000 miles or more before needing major repairs.

Cons: Basic maintenance will still be required, including oil changes and emptying of the water-separator collection bins. When major repairs are needed, they will usually be more costly than repairs for gas powered engines.

Driving, Hauling and Towing
Pros: Diesel engines generate more torque, making them the best choice for towing or hauling heavy items. They can also accelerate much faster and more efficiently.

Cons: Increased torque means decreased horsepower, so although diesel engines accelerate quickly, they don’t hold their momentum as easily. Modern diesel vehicles have come a long way since older, clunkier cars and trucks, but they are still less smooth and not the best choice for a sporty ride.

Emissions & the Environment
Pros: Modern diesel vehicles emit less CO2 per gallon of fuel than comparable gas-powered engines and run much cleaner than older models. Biodiesel is also an option for reducing emissions even further, however it may decrease engine performance.

Cons: While they offer reduced CO2, diesel vehicles emit soot, nitrous oxide and carcinogens, particularly during acceleration. They may not be the most environmentally-friendly choice for driving around town.

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